Expart course is ITRA point race. (64.40km/ 3,880m+:4point)



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Expart course is A-B-C loop centerd around the Venue.
Make sure to pass each Timing Mat when you finish each loop. Otherwise your time will not be recorded.
Make sure you fully understand each loop direction when you start the race, although there are race marshals.



Expart course

Round course of A-B-C loop

about 64.5km


A loop


Osorakan Snow Park-Mt.Hijiri-Mt.Takadake-Lake Hijiri-Tashirogawa river-Osorakan Snow Park

The course includes easygoing trails and forestry construction road in the first half, and trails with some hazadous spots and stream crossing, where you need advanced mountainious technique in the last half.

The breath taking view of the Osorakan Trails from Mt.Takadake is well worth the struggle.


A-05 A-02 A-04


B loop


Osorakan Snow Park-Mt.Osorakan-Mt.Jippou-Nasu-Mt. Uchiguro pass-Osorakan Snow Park

This longest course is the most difficult of the three with the biggest accumulated elevation difference.
Make sure you plan your race thoroughly since you are expected to have hard time keeping up your pace with extreme ups and downs on the highly mountanious course in which you have to walk in some parts. Please keep that in mind when you run the race.
Daidokoro-Hara (Kitchen Field) located in beech forest on Mt. Osorakan and Sky Trail on Mt. Jippou are about the only relief and consolation through the strenuous race.
B-01 B-03 B-02


C loop


Osorakan Snow Park - Yokokawa - Mt. Toishigou - Osorakan Snow Park

Although short, this steep uphill will not allow you to advance easily. The last challenge of Mt. Toishigou will be waiting for you.
Those who can successfully pass Mt. Toishigou point within the time limit will be awarded a Osorakan Trail Complete.
C-01 C-02 C-03


Walking zone

Between the top of Mt. Osorakan and Old Mt. Osorakan top (approximately 800m,) you have to walk following the instruction of the course marshals.

Do not leave the course or enter any off-course areas although you may come across muddy spots. Be careful when passing the slippery spots.


Middle course

One round of A loop

about 27.5km

*Please note that the courses and Aid Station locations are subject to change.